Marquette Wood Box: Planks Used in Mercury Design


Mercury is the art and craft of applying thin boards, cut and decorated and designed to create decorative patterns. It became popular in the 17th century. The craftsmen are skilled and the designs are amazing. Things designed with mercury are very expensive and can’t be afforded by ordinary people.

There are different types of chipboard used in the mercury industry. Veneers are graded by wood quality and priced accordingly. The veneer is cut depending on the wood type and designed for different and exclusive patterns.

Other materials used in veneer are bone, ivory, tortoiseshell, brass, colored straw, and mother-of-pearl. These materials are also used to assemble and create a unique design in the market. The inlay work has been done brilliantly, but being a part of the market takes time and effort.

There are light grain, medium grain, dark grain, softwood, and hardwood grain varieties. The wood box is classified into more valuable and less valuable veneers and comes in a variety of prices. All Fire people are clear about the type of wood they work with, and each has a particular preference for a particular wood.

Valuable woods are mahogany, rosewood, barley walnut, fireside walnut, and circus walnut. Each of these has a different grain and the wood is sawn in a different way. It is very expensive because the marketing work done with them is external!

Less valuable woods are elm, pine, oak, and spruce. Hard and soft boards are commonly used. Softwood is wood with straight grain. It is pine and light oak.

Hardwoods are usually dense and almost grainy. Rosewood and maple fall into this category. Hardwood also has a thick grain. This wood is used for all kinds of furniture.

The most commonly used tools for mercury are saws, knives, scalpels, and the latest blades and lasers. Now advanced techniques and modern machines contribute to the marketing industry. Many tools have also undergone major improvements.

The double-beveled mercury technique is very famous. This technique is used with scroll saws and the table is always tilted at a certain angle. An art with geometric patterns of straight lines is called parquetry.

The Boulle technique requires simultaneous cutting of all elements of the pattern, including the background. The classic approach is where designs or elements are cut separately without a background. The wood for this design was carefully selected or retained for this purpose.

Burl wood was used exclusively for these designs. In the past, the hammer cutting method was always used to cut veneer. The same tools are used for all types of wood, but the method of treating them varies by design.

Today, braided wood veneering is available. The veneer can be a matte or multi-layer finish. This chipboard work is rare and excellent.

If you are a marketer, there are many tutorials that can help you create your own designs. Tools are also available and you can check out some books for ideas. There’s also a lot of marketing work in the museum’s exhibits. Go ahead and decorate your wooden box with a delicate design or just buy a uniquely made box.


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