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Make your shipments safer and better by using custom mailer boxes:

In a perfect world, we would all try to follow the old saying that says: “Never judge a book by its cover.” You’ve probably heard it at least once. But how often does it actually happen? Generally, people judge fast.

Having a good first impression is very important, so don’t ignore appearance. No matter what we intend, our brains form an instant judgment when we look at someone or something. This happens to people just as much as it happens to brands, products, services, and more.

What else is important about first impressions? A first impression is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It may mean wearing a suit to a job interview or dressing up for a blind date as our first impression means a lot to us. It is important to establish a brand identity that is both recognizable and visually appealing for companies and products.

When an order is delivered through the mail, often businesses give their customers their first physical, face-to-face encounter with their products in the digital age. The exterior packaging of a box may not seem like a major concern. But the act of opening the package is a crucial experience for the customer and one that can establish the tone for your brand.

More than half of web consumers believe a business that uses quality packaging will increase their chances of return. Custom mailer boxes can make a huge difference in that situation, in more ways than one.

Learn how branded boxes can make a huge difference to your business in these 3 unexpected but incredibly helpful ways.

Your Branding Can Be Enhance with Custom mailer Boxes

Sometimes companies forget that opening a package is the first time a customer has had contact with them. The moment they make a purchase, they decide how they feel about your brand as a whole. Making a good first impression is essential.

By packaging your goods in custom mailer boxes, you can convey several things about your brand. High-quality, branded packaging, for example, tells the customer that you are extremely concerned about the quality of your products and the experience your customers have. The packaging must correspond with the quality of your product.

In addition to being wasteful, blank boxes also have the ability to advertise your business and generate excitement among your customers. Unadorned shipping boxes don’t represent a wise use of marketing resources.

A branded box can help your business appear more legit:

Your mailer box packaging is something that can help make your brand seem more legitimate, and therefore more trustworthy. Would you be more likely to trust an unmarked plain box over an elevated brand box if you received both? 

In reality, most companies want to make an impression with their product presentation in order to portray themselves as serious competitors. You want to reflect the professionalism and quality of your company’s products on your brand’s packaging. This can serve as an indicator of trust and make a lasting impression.

Custom shipping boxes will help you stand out on social media:

You have come to the right place if you’re wondering what social media has to do with mailer boxes wholesale. Instagram influencers, bloggers, and celebrities have been posting unboxing videos as a growing trend in the past few years. In fact, many brands are using these videos to promote their products. If you search the hashtag “unboxing,” you will be able to find thousands of these videos.

Everyone does not want their social media page to feature a picture of a bland, boring brown shipping box. A box should be visually appealing, branding-consistent, and easily recognizable.

Another thing to consider: sustainability

Having a sustainable box option is an excellent way to boost your overall social media presence and brand recognition as consumers (and particularly influencers) become more conscious of their footprint. You don’t always have to make eco-conscious decisions based on finances. Budget-friendly green options are available for those who do not wish to spend extra money on going green.

Advertising your brand will be easy with them:

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people prefer seeing large, clear advertisements (that don’t block the full company brand name) over smaller ones. That’s because big ads often show just as much information as small ones do, but appear much larger and more prominent.

Whether you’re dealing with a small business or a large corporation, your labels will do the trick. And they will do it in an affordable way that won’t cost your business too much money.

Some small businesses use black mailer boxes to send out their products. But many customers have negative feelings about cardboard boxes. Some customers feel that cardboard boxes look shabby and cheap when you send them something expensive; others may just not seem like a proper means of packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging solutions:

Packaging tailor-made from cardboard is perfect for the environmentally-conscious consumer who recycles and reuses. Made of recycled materials, they can help your brand go green in a sustainable way.

Packaging that follows the same pattern for all of your products is not inventive or creative. It may convey a sense of uniformity, but it also makes it difficult for customers to distinguish between similar products offered by different brands.

Cheap custom mailer boxesallow you to create a unique “brand identity” among your shipping alternatives, which would surely make them stand out from the crowd.

In a nutshell:

Customized shipping boxes are an easy way to make a potential customer feel about your brand. They are a vital means of communicating the key details that make your brand unique in a much more physical and visual way. Custom mailer boxes can help you solve the issue of returning a product. Many companies have a specific way of packaging and sending their products, and customers are often confused when they don’t receive them properly. These companies usually treat shipping packages as their most important assets.

Customized shipping boxes can convey your brand image clearly in real-life situations, so customers will feel less confused about what is happening. If the box looks beautiful but does not contain the product it came for – people will be annoyed at having to take it home for no particular reason. 


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