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Make Mother’s Day Special with These Fun & Thoughtful Ideas

Celebrating Mother’s Day comes second nature to most of us. Mother’s tend to be a part of our lives in a way that is inseparable, and Mother’s Day serves as a day to remind everyone of that fact. She’s there from the very beginning, and shows her unconditional love in so many ways. Whether she lives close by or across the country, there are plenty of thoughtful ways to show her your appreciation.

Family Fun Time

Whether you come from a family of ten or are an only child, one of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day is by spending time together.

  • Go for a hike. Most of the country is blessed with beautiful weather in May, so why not take everyone for a hike on the trails? Stop to watch the birds and wildlife and examine the different markings on trees and animal prints in the soil.

  • Plan a barbeque. Get family and extended family over to enjoy a backyard barbeque. Get some lawn games going like cornhole, ladder ball, and badminton or bocce ball. Be sure there is plenty of iced tea and pink lemonade and let Mom win a round or two!

  • Visit the local aquarium or zoo. For most people, visiting the animals and sea creatures is a brilliant way to spend the day. If there are little ones tagging along, they will adore taking a trip to see sharks and elephants. Mom is bound to be pleased, too.

Thoughtful Gifts

Giving Mom a gift in addition to or because you’re unable to spend quality time, will never go unappreciated in her eyes! There is bound to be something she wants that she would never buy for herself.

  • Gift card. The beauty of gift cards is that they are super convenient – they can be sent and received via text or email, making last minute gifting no problem at all. They are available to utilize at countless vendors such as WalMart, Target, and Kohls, so Mom is sure to have a great time deciding what to buy for herself.

  • Prima Bath Gem. Encourage Mom into relaxation mode with this effervescent Epsom salt bath gem. Infused with magnesium it is designed to melt away stress and tension, while engaging the senses in eucalyptus and lavender scents. The mineral soak will moisturize and soften skin, and the hemp will balance skin tone.

  • Juniper Ridge Cascade Solid Perfume. A great replacement for regular perfume and cologne, this solid perfume comes in a tin and is travel ready. Apply before and after a long day of hiking or just being on the go, the fragrance is reminiscent of walking through the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. No synthetics are used; the solid perfume is comprised of all natural ingredients such as moss, tree trimmings, wildflowers, plants and bark.

Just for Her

Sometimes, Mom needs a little alone time. While she’ll likely revel at the idea of spending time with her family, there are many ways to promote a little solitude she can enjoy.

  • Schedule a massage for her. Whether you book an hour long full body massage or a 15 minute head and neck massage, Mom will love this indulgence.

  • Treat her to a mani-pedi. Mom probably hasn’t attended to her nails in quite a long time. With cooking, chauffeuring, cleaning and all of the other hats she wears, her nails are not a top priority. Book her a mani-pedi so she can feel like a queen again.

  • Serve her breakfast in bed. The tried and true works well, so you might not want to mess with it! Before she wakes up, make all of her favorites from scratch: pancakes, bacon, eggs, fresh squeezed OJ or maybe even a mimosa. Don’t forget the bud vase of spring tulips and a pretty napkin!

The Two of You

Life is busy and it’s likely the two of you haven’t had much time together lately. Mother’s Day provides the ideal opportunity to turn this around.

  • Go antiquing. Consignments shops, flea markets and antique shops, interspersed with coffee and croissants. Could there be a better way for the two of you to spend the day?

  • Cook dinner together. Try something new – or stick with an old favorite. Ask Mom to teach you one of her famous recipes. Getting into the kitchen together, working side by side, cooperating and listening to music will create a memory that goes well beyond the meal.

Take some time to make your Mom feel special this Mother’s Day. If you choose to send her a gift, spend time with her or encourage relaxation time alone, you’re honoring her and the unconditional love she’s always shown the family.


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