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How Important is a Demat Account to Apply for a LIC IPO? 

The Life insurance company of India is offering the public 5% of the stakes. As per the current market trend, the demand for the Demat account in bidding for IPO is on the rise. While the number of investors has been increasing, which has been a major factor in the rise of Demat accounts for IPO, the key factor is the number of companies rising. It is further supported by the fact that the stock market is growing faster, which has forced the companies to rise in the market through the IPO process. 

Every time professionals talk with the newbies about the share market and IPO, the first point to be addressed is a Demat account? So, The Demat account is a legal instrument used to transfer shares or transfer securities ownership. A Demat account is a special account used by stockbrokers to keep track of securities bought and sold in the market. 

Through this account, a broker can buy or sell securities based on the instructions from its customers. Also, it helps in maintaining transparency and traceability in the stock market. The Demat account holds the shares when the investor is not present at the stock exchange.

Role of Demat Account in the Process to Apply for LIC IPO 

In the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of the Life Insurance Corporation, the Demat account plays a primary role in bidding for the company’s shares. It is because the company must provide their shareholders with a detailed financial report and pay a small premium to get its shares. Everything that exists and plays an important role in the stock market has some purpose of being served. Similarly, the Demat account has its purpose in the public offering. 

Purpose of Demat Account in LIC IPO 

The purpose of the Demat account is to ensure that stock bought through a Demat account is delivered to the purchaser without delay, and any other action taken in the name of a non-existing person has no legal value. Through Demat accounts, the investor can transact business easily. They can even buy and sell stocks online in the demand market.

Why Should You Not Miss the Chance to Apply for LIC IPO?

IPOs make the market an interesting field to explore. The primary reason to apply for LIC IPO is that the public offering of a government firm has more facilities and fewer risk factors attached to it. The initial public offering is popularly believed will be booming the Indian economy. By applying for the IPO, you will become the investor of the company in case you get the allotment of a share and become a shareholder of one of the biggest life insurance companies.

The public offering is an opportunity to win stocks and invest in other companies’ IPO as the Life Insurance Corporation is one of the top companies. Having a share of it will improve your portfolio. Thus applying for the IPO is beneficial for the investors from many perspectives.

What are the Pros of Applying for the LIC IPO?

  • The LICs IPO is taking place on a huge level. A government firm will have foreign investors and Indian investors, which will help the insurer open up its operations and governance.
  • Reservations always provide comfort; the firm has reservations for its employees and policyholders of 5% and 10%, respectively.
  • Trustworthy services like IIFL Securities will help investors in the procedure to apply for LIC IPO. The investor just needs to apply through IIFL after the launch of the IPO to get the best results.

What are the Cons of Applying for the LIC IPO?

  • Applying for the LIC IPO will not give you any guarantee of the allotment. You may or may not get the shares of the company. The huge demand reduces the probability of winning shares for many investors.
  • Many private organisations are looking to catch up with LIC to get a good hold in the market.
  • As the IPO takes place on a high level, it may create problems.
  • The firm will share the fact sheets and important details with shareholders, leading to privacy issues.

The LIfe Insurance Corporation of India has so many advantages over its disadvantages and is unique in each way. The IPO will open on 11 March 2022 if you have not started preparations to apply for it. What are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and get started.


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