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How To Detect Fraudulent Bank Charges

These days, it’s easier than ever for scammers to make fraudulent charges on unsuspecting bank customers. Banks are required to refund any fraudulent charges made to your account, but it can be challenging to spot them if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn how to detect banking fraud and how to prevent it from happening to you.

Watch out for fake check scams.

If you’ve ever received a check for more than the amount of your purchase and been asked to wire the difference back, you may have been the victim of a fake check scam. Fake check scams are one of the most common types of fraud, and they can be very costly for victims. In a fake check scam, the victim is sent a check for more than the purchase amount and is then asked to wire back the difference. The scammers will often promise large sums of money in return for helping them move money out of the country or some other scheme. However, once the victim deposits the check, it will bounce, and they will be left responsible for any fees incurred. So, how can you tell if a check is fraudulent? There are several things to look for:

  • The bank routing and account numbers on the check do not match your bank’s.
  • The name on the check does not match that of either the purchaser or seller.
  • The amount on the check differs from that agreed upon in the sale.
  • The date on the check is after or before that which was agreed upon in the sale.

Keep an eye out for unexplained withdrawals from your account.


If you happen to see a withdrawal from your account that doesn’t appear to have a logical explanation, it’s important to take notice.

Unexplained withdrawals can signify that your bank account has been compromised, and you could be at risk of identity theft. So if you see a withdrawal that you can’t explain, it’s important to take action immediately.

First, try to figure out where the withdrawal came from. If you can’t remember making the withdrawal, your account has likely been hacked. In that case, you’ll need to take steps to protect yourself from further damage. You’ll want to contact your bank immediately and report the fraudulent activity. You’ll also want to file a police report and contact your credit bureau to put a fraud alert on your account.

Be wary of phone calls from someone claiming to be from your bank.

Banks that care about cybersecurity will never call you to ask for your personal information or to transfer money. If you receive a call like this, it is most likely a scam. Criminals often use this scam to try and steal your personal information or money. They may even try to get you to transfer money to another account. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from your bank, don’t give out any information and hang up. Instead, call your bank directly to verify that the call was genuine. Your bank can help you protect your account and identity.

Check for changes to your account or personal information.

When someone notices bank charges on their account that they don’t remember authorizing, it’s natural to become concerned about possible fraudulent activity. The best way to determine whether the charges are legitimate is to investigate further. Some simple steps can be taken to determine if the bank charges were authorized or not. First, take a look at the date and time of the charge. If it doesn’t match up with when you think you may have made the purchase, it’s worth investigating further.

Also, take a look at what was purchased. Sometimes bank fraud occurs when someone gains access to your personal account information and uses it to make unauthorized purchases. If the purchase doesn’t seem like something you would have made yourself, it could be evidence of fraud. If you’re still unsure whether the charges are fraudulent, contact your bank directly for more assistance. They should be able to help you figure out whether or not the charges were authorized and provide more information about how to protect your account in the future.

Overall, it’s important to be aware of fraudulent bank charges to protect your finances. Checking your account statement regularly and using a fraud monitoring service can help you detect any suspicious activity. If you do find unauthorized charges, report them immediately to your bank.


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