Transporting goods has been an ancient art. Trade has been something that has sustained and allowed the growth of civilisation from time immemorial. It has been the primary cause for modernity to grow and spread across the world. The freight industry is so huge in Australia that it has an annual income of $102.87 billion! Roughly 37 parcels were shipped per person in a year in Australia.

Usually, goods that are shipped over air or water are heavier in weight and more in quantity. Otherwise, such services might just utilise couriers over land. However, to help in freight services, there are many container transport companies that specialise in this.

Shipping Services:

Shipping is used for various uses. Customs and other government bodies dedicate separate budgets and time to maintain shipping relations. This is because shipping is a means of maintaining international relations. Shipping is also used in interstate services, and these are usually done for the government to support their citizens. Here’s a list of shipping services:

  • Event Transport: Big events like weddings, rallies, concerts and other communal festivals require many goods to be displayed/utilised for the event to go smoothly. Most container transport services not only provide containers but also help in logistics and setting up!
  • Custom Shipping: These custom shipping services are usually customised freight boxes to suit the event at hand. For example, a trade show display might need a container that allows a fancy collection of products to attract customers. Or first aid rooms in case of emergencies during an event; such service provides customised first aid rooms to make your task easier!
  • Container Hire and Storage: Shipping services in this area focuses on hiring containers for interstate removals, tool storage or transfer of surplus business products. Storage services mainly provide containers to avoid double handling of goods and therefore avoid confusion. These containers come in many sizes and types. From flat rack containers to grain containers, the styles are almost abundant. Sizes range from 10’ to 48’, with around ten sizes in between.
  • Commercial Freight Solutions: These services provide moving containers that are spread in over 21 depots just in Australia. These vehicles range from prime movers to side loaders and can transport an indefinite number of goods. Commercial freight majorly functions in rail transport services. This is very cost-effective and reliable that now a parcel can be delivered within a period of 3 days.
  • Interstate Removalists: Interstate moving services are highly individualised. These are particularly utilised when one needs to move personal goods while relocating from one place to another or move things around for storage. There are transport containers from 20’ to 40’.

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