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Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks bigger than average consumer size pose a danger to other small vehicles and their passengers. Truck accidents are scary because most of them result in severe injury or death. Apart from the truck’s size, the driver in large commercial trucks drives high up in the vehicle, whereas regular car drivers are much closer to the ground. Contact Albuquerque truck accident attorney if you need legal help concerning commercial truck accidents.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

Big trucks move all over the streets and roads of Albuquerque. Interstates 25 and 40 are the primary routes that converge into the city, making the vehicles enter every direction. There are numerous reasons for truck accidents which are as follows.

  • Poor maintenance and less training

There are rules and requirements for how many hours a truck driver should train himself to learn commercial truck driving. Yet many drivers drive without completing the minimum training.

Bad weather like rain, snow, etc., might happen, and drivers need minimum experience to drive safely in these extreme weathers, especially when driving large cargo trucks. Driving slowly in poor weather conditions is essential to avoid tire skidding, jackknife, and hydroplaning. If the driver is not adequately trained, they might put themselves and other people’s lives in danger.

Every trucking company has the requirement to check every truck before it gets on the road, but it does not happen often.

  • Speeding and overtaking

Sometimes, a driver might not complete delivery in the time allotted by their company, but they try to finish their duty as soon as possible. The amount of pressure putting on the driver makes them Overspeed than appropriate for the truck’s size. Most drivers fear losing their job if they can not deliver on time and, they are most likely to speed.

If you spot an 18-wheeler truck behind you while driving in a roadway, you will do anything to get the truck out of the way. Often, letting the truck go by changing your lane leads to severe accidents.

  • Driver tiredness

Driving a commercial truck takes a lot of patience, hard work, and concentration because of the size of the vehicle. Most often, trucking companies provide the drivers with a short time to complete delivery. It means they will drive long distances without taking any break and little rest. Driving a truck for thousand miles often leads the drivers to have less to no sleep. As a result, they lose attention and react slowly to other vehicles and signals–not to mention the possibility of actually sleeping while driving.

  • Drink and drive

Many drivers indeed have a high alcohol and drug abuse rate while driving. It is because they get bored while driving, and they feel to stimulate themselves to stay awake while going, but it does the opposite and loses concentration leading to severe accidents.


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