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4 Difference between IT management and administration

The primary difference between management and administration is that management means to manage the work, whereas administration states that all the work must be done best within less time and money. The management works for the administration while the administration looks after the overall operation of an organisation. Management offers a range of disciplines of which IT management is a part. IT management is the discipline where all of the information technology resources of an organisation are managed regarding its need and priorities.

A well-designed master’s in information technology management can equip the students with an understanding of the impact of IT on the business environment and the overall impact of the emerging business models. The knowledge can help the students respond to the dynamic challenges by implementing new and innovative tech strategies.

An 18 months course offered by top-tier business schools of Berlin can help the students develop strong computer science skills to underpin extensive development of academic and theoretical knowledge in IT Management. This course creates a pathway to multiple divisions, namely, IT Management and Administration, Sustainability Development, and Project Management. All of which focuses on the managerial aspects of the business. But in a business, the administration plays an equally important part in commencing the business operation of any organisation.

Let’s look at the four differences between IT management and administration.

  1. IT Management monitors and governs IT to ensure its smooth functioning and reliability. They are also responsible for determining IT systems’ business requirements and managing IT Budgets and costs. In contrast, the administration provides office support to the individuals or the team despite the departments, and it is central to the smooth running of the business. An effective administrator is an asset to the organisation because they link various departments of the organisation.
  2. IT Management works exclusively with the functionality of the information technology, whereas administration looks after the entire departments functioning in an organisation. Administration works at a broader level, whereas IT management is a department-specific task of managing resources related to information technology.
  3. The focus of IT Management remains on the hardware, software, and network to ensure that the information system works efficiently. It’s important because it helps people work better. Whereas administration is that part of the organisation that deals with keeping books, paying bills and taxes, maintaining proper documentation, and selecting vendors are a few aspects of the administration’s focus.
  4. IT management requires technical skills to manage the technical aspect of the organisation, whereas administration requires administrative and conceptual skills central to managing an organisation from the top level.


It can be concluded from the above discussion that IT management and administration together are crucial for the smooth running of business operations. If you aspire to enter the dynamic and fast-growing business environment, consider earning a master’s or postgraduation degree in IT management and excel in function as an IT manager. Log on to our website to learn more about the valuable master’s degree in information technology management programme!


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