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3 Easy Steps To Choose A Bed Frame

You have probably decided to refurbish your room with new furniture. So, what is the first thing you will need apart from a cupboard or a side table? Obviously, a Bed base or bed frame will be your priority before anything else.

Bed frames in Australia come in different designs and shapes. Therefore, choosing the right one can get daunting.

With a functional bed frame, you can eradicate insufficient sleep and achieve a peaceful mindset. But, to choose one, you need to follow a few steps.

#1. Measure Everything

When you are already investing in a bed frame, you might be willing to use your old mattress itself. This is why it is crucial to buy a base that can fit your current mattress. At the same time, you should consider the bedroom’s measurement as well.

Your frame should fit into the room and not take too much of the ground area.

The bed size should adhere to the basic measurements of the mattress. For example, if you own a queen-sized mattress, the frame needs to be queen-sized as well.

Every inch of your mattress and room will play a part in the process. Even the height of your space should complement the Bed base you are buying. Therefore, the furniture should be functional in its anatomy and size.

#2. Choose the Right Materials

In Australia, bed frames come in different shapes and sizes. But, most importantly, it gets made of various materials. However, the two main options would be:

  • Wood
  • Metal

If you want a rustic and sturdy feature from the frame, you can choose either option. Appearance plays a crucial role when it comes to materials.

If you choose a timber or hardwood bed frame, you are choosing optimal sturdiness and aesthetics. Even then, a cheap wooden frame will not be functional in terms of longevity. Metal is a wonderful option if you want a modern and rustic look to your room. However, if it is of low quality, the frame will dismantle easily, and it will start squeaking after a few usages.

#3. Style it As You See it

As mentioned earlier, the Bed base needs to complement the entire aesthetic of your room. That is why you need to gain inspiration from various designs before settling for one.

Your new bed frame will be the focal point in your room redecoration. Hence, it needs to give you the feeling of comfort. But, most importantly, the frame should have a welcoming and warm essence.

It needs to complement the bedsheet, mattress, quilts and even the decorative essence in your room.

Do you want a cosy, warm and simple look? Then, a wooden bed frame will be a perfect choice. However, if you want a modern look to your room, minimalistic designs on a metal frame will be perfect.

The Bottom Line

Having a Bed base is essential as it becomes the foundation for your mattress. During home renovations, it is crucial to invest in a sturdy and long-lasting bed frame.

Not only does it give you optimal comfort, but it also complements your room perfectly.

This is why, while looking for this furniture, you should consider its functionality and size. Moreover, you need to compare it with the mattress you have picked out. But, most importantly, you need to match it with your room’s aesthetic.

Now, you are fully equipped to tackle home refurbishments alone!


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