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Some Amazing Cake Baking Tips To Turn You Into a Pro Baker! 

Cakes are an inseparable part of all our celebrations, especially when we are talking about a birthday cake! Whenever we think about celebrating someone’s special day, dessert cakes are the most suitable and beautiful options, not to forget the most delicious option as well. A beautifully baked cake always attracts attention and appreciation from everyone who happens to glance at it. We all know cakes are pretty special, and the best way to make them even more remarkable is by baking them yourself. You can send cake to Chandigarh anytime you want, but on your dear one’s special day, a cake baked personally by you would mean so much more.

We know that you must have tried, but sometimes, even after following the recipe to point, the cake does not turn out the way you expected. That happens to you as well? Well, then, just for you, here are some exciting cake baking tips that no one would tell you, so keep on reading to enlighten your inner baker with us. 

  1. First of all, read the recipe carefully! This must go without saying, but most people actually skip some steps that they deem unnecessary or they think they know too well. Understand that every recipe is different and require different things; therefore, read your recipe thoroughly as there can be a slight difference in something that can change the whole course of your cake.
  2. Again, this goes without saying but always use fresh ingredients. Now you may be using fresh ingredients from your end, but the things you bought can be old, so make sure that everything you buy is new.
  3. Before using butter and eggs, always bring them to room temperature. Using them cold can mess up the consistency of the cake, and heating them up can cause them to taste different.
  4. Choose your cake pan according to your cake! This may sound wrong to you, but one cake pan can not work for every cake type. For example- if you wish to write a lengthy message on your cake, then it is better that you go for a sheet cake as they have more room on top. On the other hand, if you wish to fill in the layers of the cake with delicious fillings then going for a round cake would be an excellent choice. There are plenty of cake tintypes like sheet, round, bundt, cupcakes etc., again, read your recipe carefully, and which type of cake tin is required will probably be mentioned in it. 
  5. While greasing up your cake pan, always use shortening instead of regular oil. This is more dependable and saves your cake from burning. To apply to shorten, wrap your finger with a baking sheet, take a lot of shorting on it and just cover the entire surface of your pan. 
  6. Use different measuring equipment to measure your dry and wet ingredients. Use dry measuring cups or spoons, and use big glass measuring cups for wet ones. As the consistency of the elements is different, measuring them with the same cup can mess up your ingredient count; in turn, your recipe will not be the way it is supposed to be. 
  7. The only exception to this rule would be when you are using brown sugar. Measure your brown sugar in the same cup in which you measure your wet ingredients.
  8. If you wish to avoid making a mess, use baking sheets for cakes and paper liners for cupcakes. They are effortless to remove and make it highly convenient to clean up the pan after baking.
  9. If you wanna achieve that extra moist and creamy texture while baking cake and cupcakes, just add a spoon of sour cream to your batter. 
  10. While mixing, use an electric mixer rather than mixing manually. The electric mixture is easier to use, less time consuming and gives a better consistency to your cake.
  11. If you are thinking about adding dried fruits to your cake, then coat them with a bit of flour first, as this will create a kind of shield, and they will not stick together and neither will they dissolve in the batter.
  12. Do not open the oven before the timer of your oven goes off; if you open the door while baking, the cold air from the kitchen will affect the cake, and it will not rise. 

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