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Learn About Openstack TrainingOnline

It is an open standard cloud computing platform that gives the best stuff to prepare for the COA exam. It usually uses a virtual resource to handle both private and public cloud infrastructure. It provides the professional skills and economical use of many virtual resources to create OpenStack. In addition, it is a roadmap and hands-on training that has been designed for participants who want to take the COA exam. COA is the Certified OpenStack Administrator that is a certified open stack administrator. The assessment procedure is based on the core functional ability of the OpenStack administrator and the participants’ performance. Openstack Training Online course covers all the necessary topics of the COA exam, and also it covers additional topics such as Trove and Ceilometer.

This training covered the Openstack Course with lab, several videos, and practical.

See more about OpenStack and Cloud.

In this section, it covers the vital topics-

1- Know more about OpenStack.

2- Use Components to make the cloud.

3- Openstack project.

4- About Distribution and vendors.

COA training online lab environment:-

1-Services and processes of OpenStack.

2- How to communicate among Services.

3- Need hardware Setup.

4- Network architecture and Host networking.

5- keystone and component.

6- Requirements in hardware like Controllers, Compute, and block &object storage.

7- The queue.

8- Compute components.

8- OpenStack cloud setting.

Know more about Services Keystone:-

1- Keystone Component and architecture

2- Handle the Keystone catalogue and Endpoint.

3- Handle the project and roles.

4- Build the project, users.

5- Verification of the identity service.

Dashboard – Horizon

Operation of architecture and verification

1- Glance:-

1- Image management (insert a new image, manage image type, update, Remove).

2- Architecture and Components.

3- Image services verification.

2- Nova:-

1- Component, Architecture.

2- Manage flavors, compute instance action, Nova user key pairs, snapshot, quotas.

3- Handle security group’s projects and rules.

4- About Nova host consoles, nova-compute servers, and nova quotas.

5-launch and create shutdown instance

6- Assign instance, set up an instance, provide security groups to instance, removing floating IP addresses.

7-Get information from Nova

8-Verify compute service operation.

3- Swift:-

1- Handle and definition of Object Storage.

2- Handle policies (storage).

3-Monitor and verification of the Swift object storage.

4- Managing container permission.

4- Cinder:-

1- Components and Architecture.

2- Manage volume, quotas, and snapshot.

3- Handle volume encryption and volume backup & restore.

4- Create a new monitor and capacity block storage.

5- Configure storage pools.

6- Volume group (block storage).

5- Neutron:-

1- Neutron components and architecture.

2- Create a network- external, project, and project routers

3- Manage – network security, network interface, and project security.

4- For telnet network- troubleshoots.

6- Heat:-

1- Component and architecture.

2- Launch stack.

3- CLI and dashboard

4- Verify, update, information of stack, verify operation.

7- Ceilometer:-

1- Components and architecture.

2- Important of Ceilometer.

3- Configuration and services.

4- Data collection.

5- Telemetry.

8- Trove –

1- Definition and importance of DBaaS.

2- About Trove, architecture, component, installation process, example.

3- Trove API

7- In Troubleshooting:-

1- Analysis of log files, logs, Database servers, host or guest operating system and instance status, messaging and metadata servers, network and storage status.

2- Back up the database used by an open stack instance, backup and restore the instance of OpenStack.

3- Manage open stack services.

4- Check service incidents, adjust the OpenStack environment.

5- Log indirectly with the help of a centralized logging system.

Openstack Training Online Benefit:

Who has a career goal in an area where this OpenStack training will help OpenStack candidates? Core skills are covered in online training, such as setting up and working with the OpenStack platform. Learn architecture, components, Troubleshooting, and networking features. Manage orchestrations such as storage users.Openstack Course is essential for candidates who have passed the COA exam and who have become a master of cloud infrastructure. In this Openstack Training, we cover most topics that can help get a good score on the test and increase performance.


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