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Kickstart Your New Career With a Role in These Growth Industries

The new year brings often about a mental change in many people. This can most commonly be regarding the way they look or where they happen to live – but it can also center around what they do for a living. Deciding you want to change career is not always easy, and in many cases it can be years before you achieve your goal, but that does not mean you can’t start now.

If you are unhappy with what you are currently doing but don’t know where to go for good prospects and security, then you could start by looking at some of the roles in the biggest growth industries in recent times.

Make a Move Into Data Science

Data science roles have grown across the board because there is, as you might expect, more data generated by businesses than ever. Putting all of this together and defining where a business is going wrong (or what is going right) is a very in-demand skill, so a move in this direction could be seen as a good decision.

It will take some work, however, as this role will need to start with a background in programming or statistics, but if you have a head for numbers this won’t be an obstacle.

Accountant in the Oil or Gas Industry

A head for numbers would also be an advantage in this role. There are new technologies in these industries that have created a demand for those with the right knowledge. You will need the right academic grounding of course, and then explore the options at to see what training is available.

Learning on a platform like this can give you the certification you need, as well as real-world training and being able to tap into the minds of experts during live webinars.

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Caring for Seniors and the Chronically Ill

If numbers aren’t your forte but people are, then caring could be the right way forward. With an aging population who have an increasing number of chronic illnesses, the need for full and part-time care is increasing, not just nationally but globally. This can be for in-home care or as part of a practice, or even taking a role in a nursing home caring for those who need help doing basic tasks or are battling with dementia.

There are several pathways into this industry and could be the easiest to start, although almost certainly not the highest paying.

A Few Final Thoughts

Changing careers can be a daunting prospect, so you want to make sure you get it right. This won’t be easy, but by looking into industries that are constantly growing, you give yourself less chance of ending up in the same dead-end position you are in now. Many of the highest-paying roles will require extra training, so you need to fully research what is involved to ensure you have the right background – or at least discover the steps you need to take to put you on the right path.

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