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Global holidays of December and their meaning

December is the most liked month of the year. It is filled with lots of global holidays and many festivals also. There are some holidays and festivals of December about which many people don’t know. Because these festivals are from foreign countries but holidays are global. So let’s understand about these December global holidays today’s piece of information.

You will be amazed to know the real meaning and stories of these festivals. It is very interesting. The festivals are given below:

  1. Hannukah

The festival has a very spiritual meaning among the people of Israel and Jewish. They have their traditional calendar known as the Hebrew calendar. The festival lasts for a total of eight days. It begins on the 25thday of their traditional calendar. There is a variation in the exact dates of the festival every year. Last year the festival begins on 28 November and ends on 6 December.

The festival mainly celebrates the re-dedication of their famous temple Jerusalem. People light the candle each night and sing their holy songs and prayers. People eat oil-dried food mainly made of potatoes. Jam-filled potato and potato pancakes are famous among people. Celebrants also exchange gifts with each other.

  1. World AIDS day


December 1 is celebrated as World AIDS day globally. It is marked to spread awareness among the people about HIV and AIDS. The idea of world AIDS day was developed by James and Thomas in 1987. They were working as public officers of information for WHO. That was the first year when AIDS day was celebrated and declared as a global holiday. Another motive of this day is to spread positivity and motivation to AIDS patients. The disease is deadly but it can be prevented from spreading. People need to be more aware of intimacy and private hygiene. This is the only motive to celebrate world AIDS day on December 1.

  1. Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is celebrated on 13 December. On this day celebrants pay tribute to the Lucia of Syracuse. He was an Italian saint who was martyred in an incident. He was considered as the source of light in the darkness. The festival is very famous among Sweden people. They celebrate it by lighting candles and wearing white clothes. People also put a crown-like thing to their heads. It is also of white color. They also sing local songs.

  1. Festivus

Festivus is another important part of the December global holidays. It is celebrated on the 13th of December. The main motive of the Festivus is to stop the consumerism of Christmas. It was first started in the year 1997. The people spread awareness that you shouldn’t buy any materialistic things for Christmas. People gather under an aluminum pole. Some people have taken this wiring way. They stared and bad things about Christmas. It is wrong. Celebrants only want to stop the consumerism of Christmas. It may have deep reasons behind it.

  1. Christmas

Who needs an introduction about Christmas? It is a festival that is celebrated globally. The festival is celebrated on the 25th of December and is marked as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the last man sent directly by God to save mankind from sins. In reality, the actual birth date of Christ is not known. Christmas is celebrated even by non-Christian. People decorate the beautiful trees inside their houses. They even decorate their whole house with lights and other instruments.

It is believed that on this day Santa comes to every house and distributes gifts to the little ones. Small children place their socks near the Christmas tree in hope that Santa will put their gifts inside it. However, parents have to put the gifts to save the hearts of their little ones is the most famous festival of December.

These were the top 5 December global holidays. These festivals are very famous among the people. If you are not celebrating these festivals then you should respect these festivals. Because people are connected emotionally with these festivals. It is not at all fair to make jokes about someone else’s emotions. Therefore, enjoy each holiday of December with your whole heart.


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