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Deal With Party Addiction of Teenager With Location Tracker

Let me tell you a story. Me my husband had to leave town in emergency for some reason. It was a sudden plan so we asked my sister-in-law to babysit our kids for the night as it was not possible to come back on time. The kids were sad and wanted to go with us if they did not have school. It was new as before that, no one was ever ready to visit a grandparent’s house without throwing a tantrum.

Anyway, the problem was handled in less than expected time and we thought of coming back home. Turned out there was a certain change of plan and a different message was delivered to my sister-in-law from our side. She was told to not come home as the twin had a group study plan at their friend’s house. So they will just drop the youngest at her house and will pick in the morning. We never allow a whole night out to the kids and that’s what my sister-in-law knows about us. So she just casually confirmed our plan and then ask us to pick the little one from our house. Well, that was the start of weird feels. Later we found out about the whole conspiracy. The teens thought we will be out of town for the night so maybe it is the best time to party.

Let me make things more clear, since the pandemic we did not let them attend any kind of wild party even after the vaccination. So for them, our out-of-town trip was the only chance to get back into the loop. They did not pick our call so we waited and waited till they come back. All I can say is watching their faces change color and expressions was worth the wait.

The next thing we did was get the help of technology to tackle this tech-savvy generation. What is the use of a cellphone when your child doesn’t attend the call on time and doesn’t respond to text or add you on social media? Well, you use it to install parental control apps and monitor them as this careless creature deserves.

Curious about the parental control app? Here is everything you need to know about it.

OgyMogy Parental Control App:

If you are still reluctant about the use of parental control app technology then you must know that according to venturebeat.com

  • 65% of parents monitor the kid’s smart gadgets,29% of parents admitted to tracking the location of the kids.

Location Tracker:

The location tracker feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app is a must-have feature for all of the parents out there. Don’t worry if you are not that good with handling smart tools like us because the use of OgyMogy is quite easy for anyone. You need to install the app on your child’s smart gadgets(cellphone, tablet, laptop) when you have physical access to the target. Once installed the monitoring is done remotely and all the updates are recorded and saved on the online web portal of the app. Here is how this feature can bring amazing changes in your stressed life.

  1. Use the feature to know about the real-time pinpoint location of your teen. If he is at school, or a party you can find out about it with just a few clicks.
  2. Keep yourself updated about their real-time location and find them in case of any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.
  3. You can know about all of their secret hangout places with the help of a location tracker.
  4. The features report about the history of the whereabouts as well. To find out if your kid is frequently visiting any place without letting you know.
  5. Mark a safe and Restricted zone of the google map and get reports about any movement around the marked zone.

Remember minor kid is your responsibility and being a parent use of spy app is just for the sake of supervision and safety. It is your right and ultimately your duty to make sure our child is in a safe hand and not in any sort of trouble. The only way to assure this is when you know about their real-time location and whereabouts.


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