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Claire Stoermer Weight Loss, Bio, Relationship and Net Worth

Claire was born on the 24th of March 1964 and that gives her the zodiac sign of Aries. She is an American and belongs to white ethnicity. She completed her high-school education while living with her parents and also completed college later on. Claire Stoermer is the mother of the famous American actress and singer Zendaya. Claire has widely been recognized as the mother of celebrity daughter Zendaya Maree Stoermer. She has a total of six children out of which Zendaya became the most famous one. Weight loss Claire Stoermer is a famous thing linked to her.

Claire always had a dream of becoming a popular movie star and singer but she couldn’t achieve that for herself. That is why she made her daughter follow that path and supported her to become the famous actress and singer that she is today. 

What is her profession?

As mentioned above Claire wanted to an actress so naturally she followed theatre. At a young age she started working at a theatre named California Shakespeare Theatre in Orinda. She continued that job for many years but later she got invited for teaching at an Elementary school in California. That was the stability she was looking for and at that point she was already teaching for about 15 years. She has worked all her life and retired late 2021.

Personal Life

Claire Stoermer had a simple upbringing and after growing up she got married to Samuel David Coleman who later changed his name to Kazembe Ajamu to connect to his Nigerian roots. Claire and Kazembe met at a theatre where she worked when she was young. Kazembe was married at the time so even though they were attracted to each other they didn’t become a couple till he divorced his wife. So in 1994 he divorced his wife and they started dating and a year from that day in 1995 they tied the knot and got married.

A year after their marriage Claire gave birth to their first daughter Zendaya on the 1st of September 1996. Zendaya was their first child together but this was not the first child for Kazembe. He was married before and had 5 kids with the previous wife so including Zendaya he is the father of 6 children. Weight loss Claire Stoermer is an interesting journey for every mother. 

After many years of living together Claire decided to end her marriage with Kazembe and filed for a divorce. She said Kazembe was not paying for anything and wasn’t even giving time to his family so there was no reason for him to be there. The divorce was filed in 2016 and was accepted in February 2017 and from that day onward Claire has been living as an independent woman with all the happiness and love sharing life with her only daughter.

Claire’s Net Worth

As we discussed earlier she has worked all her life and she has been living her life as an independent woman. She worked as an Elementary school teacher all her life and she enjoys her profession very much. She has enjoyed life and did what she wanted to do but still managed to save about $300,000 nest egg. She she is worth around $300,000 but her daughter is already worth approximately $5 million dollars.

Weight Loss

She always wanted to a movie star so she kept herself fit in the early years of her life but after she got married she gained a lot of weight. That could be because of stress of pregnancy or something else, but she did put on a lot of weight which she recently lost by working really hard. Claire Stoermer weight loss started after the success of her daughter.

Now a days she is old but very fit, with a height of 5 feet and 5 inches and a body weight of 64 Kilograms makes her one of the fittest person in that age group, for Claire Stoermer weight loss was one the last challenge that she wanted to conquer. Life has been a roller-coaster for her but she is happy now and content with what she was able to accomplish. Do not forget to follow weight loss claire stoermer.



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