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Best Silicone Teether for 3 Month Old Baby From Newtop Rubber

All moms and dads know how the baby’s body develops quickly. Sometimes so fast it makes you want to go back in time. But what few notice is tooth development. Babies begin to have the first eruptions of their teeth at 3 to 6 months. “This period can be associated with the presence of organic manifestations, such as increased salivation, irritability, decreased appetite, elevated average temperature, skin rashes and gingival inflammation” explain experts. Therefore, a solution for this has been created on the market: the teethers for babies made of silicone!

With different shapes and models, liquid silicone rubber teethers were born in the industry to alleviate the discomfort that little ones feel during the eruption of baby teeth. Specialists say that the discomfort in the gum is the result of an increase in vascularization at the site. “It is the most common disorder found during the eruption of baby teeth, whose duration varies from 2 to 3 days, and can reach 10 days. Such a process can be quite uncomfortable for the child who has swollen gums and is sensitive to touch”, they comment. With the discomfort, they end up biting fingers, objects and even the lips, in addition to presenting a lot of irritability, crying and excessive salivation. Biters thus give little ones a place to ease the pain and, at the same time, practice biting.

The teether model most recommended by experts

Models vary in size, color and figure. There are options for wholesale silicone beads, children’s characters and also the classic cubes. But top experts recommend liquid silicone teethers, without adding liquids inside. “Silicon models should be preferred in order to avoid gel ingestion in case teethers made with liquids inside are perforated”, they recommend. For the teethers to get cold, they indicate refrigerating them in the fridge for 5 minutes, before being offered to the child, but there are some precautions. “It is important not to put them in the freezer or freezer, as the use of these frozen objects can cause burns on the child’s face and mouth”, they warn.

According to pediatric dentist Charlene, the teether is something extremely important in the composition of the baby’s layette. He says: “The teethers were created exactly to alleviate this discomfort and also to help with the hygiene of the gums and the muscular development of the mouth. It also helps in the development of the muscle of the tongue, mastication and face. The most suitable are those made of silicone, which can get cold if placed in the fridge and fulfill their functions better. Another use of the teether for babies is to encourage the discovery of new textures, which facilitates the introduction of food”, explains Charlene.

Cleaning the teethers

Just as teeth need to be cleaned, so do teethers! As it is an object that constantly comes into contact with the body of the little ones, cleaning must be done daily and after each use. It is recommended to use soap or neutral detergent with a soft brush, used exclusively for this purpose, rinse in running water. Then, promote drying with a clean, dry cloth and placed in a sanitized container, it may also be suggested to seek professional help. The specialist follows the entire growth and development of the different parts of the mouth and its health. If necessary, he can still intervene and start a different treatment.


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