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What Are The Chances Of Winning A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Amidst the fear and confusion of being injured in an accident, one important question you may have is–What are the chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit? You could be overwhelmed with how you’ll start filing the claim after being injured either in a:

  • Car accident
  • Defective product scenario
  • Slip-and-fall accidents or other personal injuries caused by another person’s carelessness. 

Indeed, this question is common for the majority of personal injury victims. But you don’t have to deal with the process alone. We recommend that you do not plan a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer. 

With the right legal help, know more about the entire personal injury lawsuit process. Find out the possibilities of reaching a settlement or winning the case immediately. 

Some of the disturbing questions lingering in your mind could be: 

  • What is the probability of getting fair compensation for my hospital bills and other damages? 
  • Should I find a personal injury lawyer, or can I handle the case independently? 
  • What can I do to boost my chances of winning the case? 
  • How long will the whole process take?

Don’t worry about whether you’ll win the case. It helps to know that settlement is often more guaranteed than a trial in court. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you know how to keep disputes out of court. But, there are instances when your lawyer would highly advocate proceeding to trial.

About 95% of all the accident injury settlement negotiations are handled in the ‘out-of-court agreements.’ Compensation comes through a settlement compromise with the defendant or persons responsible for your injuries.

Amidst all these options, our article reveals more about the chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit.

How Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlements Work?

It’s important to know that settlement helps measure the personal injury cases won. Many people win through the settlement process rather than the tedious litigation process.

Often, trials seem to be an enormous burden both for the plaintiff and the defendant. It is perceived to be costly, time-consuming, and almost uncertain.

So, to reduce the risks and costs of trial litigation, personal injury parties decide to work around a sensible settlement amount. This enables both sides to avoid the trial and achieve an acceptable result that equals winning. 

Even if you have an excellent case, trials attract uncertainties. This is especially the scenario if you’re handling a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer. The uncertainty concerns:

  • Whether or not the court will determine that the defendant is responsible for your injuries
  • How much in terms of damages will the court award

Usually, chances are that you may win your case. But, now, the issue could be where you receive the damage award consisting of a much lower amount than anticipated. For instance, you may get $20,000 instead of the $50,000 you expected. 

Hence, most people settle the claims before proceeding to trial. Based on the U.S department of justice, only 3% of personal injury claims decide to go through a trial verdict.

How to Enhance Your Odds of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

To win a personal injury dispute, maximize the amount you recover through a negotiated settlement. If you decide to proceed with liability and damages with the persuasive claim, the defendant will likely offer a better amount. This is primarily because of the case’s new risk profile. 

In fact, the reason some people prefer proceeding with a trial is to seek the settlement amount they deserve. When you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Yakima, you would understand that having an injury attorney on your team makes all the difference when seeking compensation. 

Yakima personal injury attorneys say it’s crucial to choose a highly experienced lawyer. Such experts know precisely what to do and will work smart to get you the settlement amount you deserve.

Do not convince yourself that a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer can be easier. When dealing with injury cases resulting from someone else’s carelessness, it may not be an easy journey.

That’s why the majority prefer to work with personal injury attorneys who have years of experience in the legal field. They’ll apply different strategies to ensure that nothing ends in vain.

What Maximum Compensation Amount Should You Expect?

How much you’ll be compensated will depend on how you decide to settle the case.

It will all vary based on whether:

  • You want to handle the case without proceeding to trial
  • You choose to involve an injury lawyer
  • You decide to handle the personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer

If you decide to work with an accident attorney, and based on the type of personal injury, you should expect help from any of the following legal experts:

  • Social security attorney 
  • Accidents attorneys
  • Animal attack lawyer
  • Dog bite attorney
  • Bicycle accident attorneys
  • Wrongful death lawyer
  • Car accident lawyer

Every personal injury claim is unique. So, depending on the case type the expert will know how to go about the case. 

But, most likely, you shouldn’t expect any lesser amount than it would be when you decide to settle the case alone with the defendant. 

The Yakima personal injury attorneys advocate that every injury victim should know where they stand financially. Once the legal team reviews your case thoroughly, lawsuit lawyers can inform you of any damages they believe you are owed. 

So, if you are hurt due to someone else’s negligence, like in an automobile, motorcycle, or slip-and-fall incident, you may be entitled to get more than just hospital bills and lost wages. 

Accident injury lawyers work harder to guarantee that all forms of damages (pain and suffering, lost wages, and more) that you suffered are accounted for. 

Key Takeaways

If you or a close person has been injured in a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other accident caused by another person’s negligence, it’s necessary to seek the justice you deserve.

In such cases, know the chances of winning the personal injury lawsuit. Most victims get agitated, wondering what amount of compensation they could receive. Indeed, it’s not always an easy road ahead. 

A dedicated personal injury attorney can help you file a claim and fight hard to see you triumph in the case by getting the compensation you deserve. 

That way, it becomes easier to cater to the pain, suffering, lost wages, and other damages and losses you experienced.





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