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The Importance Of Tourism And Hospitality Management

Did you know that hospitality is an ancient industry? The foundation of hospitality can be traced back to 15,000 BC when France’s Lascaux Caves inhabitants began accommodating members of visiting tribes. Hence, hospitality is innate.

Many reports suggest that 1 in 8jobs in the US is in the travel industry. The report further indicates that 1 out of 10 individuals on this globe will be employed by the hospitality industry within five years. Isn’t it amazing?

The hospitality and tourism industry contributes significantly to the economy of every country. Many nations focus on developing the hospitality and tourism department as it brings in more jobs and revenue. In fact, other commercial activities related to the hospitality and tourism industry create employment for locals.

Anyone who wishes to make a career in the hospitality and tourism industry can consider pursuing a hospitality and tourism management course to discover attractive opportunities and their importance in developing the national economy.

Importance of tourism and hospitality management

Individuals looking forward to making their own footprints in this highly competitive and dynamic global hospitality and tourism industry can explore its advantages before enrolling in the program. So, let’s get started with the benefits a hospitality and tourism management course offers.

1. Broadens your understanding

Attending a management school broadens your understanding of the field. The course familiarizes you with some of the critical KPIs in the hospitality and tourism industry that determine the business’s performance in the long run. In addition, students are equipped with the art of achieving business goals and gaining an edge over competitors in the highly competitive and dynamic business landscape.

2. Equips you with highly specialized skills

Skills and competencies in the hospitality and tourism industry are relatively different from other sectors. Here, customers are everything. Your skills decide the future of the business as good customer service skills attract new customers and retain the old ones. Must-have skills in this industry include the three P’s- professionalism, patience, and a people-first attitude to thrive in the industry.

3. Develops essential concepts

The hospitality and tourism management course also focuses on developing essential business strategy concepts, cross-cultural leadership, consumer behavior, customer relationship management, and operations management. Besides developing core concepts in the area, students also learn how to apply them in this ever-changing sector.

4. Contributes to the economic development of the nation

Tourists and travelers from various countries are a significant source of foreign exchange. Foreign exchange earnings are an essential way to contribute to the nation’s economy. So, foreign tourists are encouraged to bring foreign currency along with them to many countries.

5. Helps in employment generation

It is one of the vast industries in many countries, contributing to the economy of the nation by creating several jobs, such as tour guides, cab drivers, bar owners, hotel managers, tour organizers, and restaurant owners, etc. Moreover, the government generates revenue by imposing various taxes on the hospitality and tourism industry.

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