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The Perfect Guide To Set The Best DNS For PS4

Connecting broadband with your gaming consoles like PS4 is no more a fuss. This specific blog will help you with the Best DNS for PS4 connectivity that will make the gaming experience more reliable and enjoyable.

DNS server connection with a manual setting change is easy as precisely available within your location. Typically it can be of 10,000 or more DNS look-ups that ensure of fastest connectivity delivering seamless networking every day.

Majorly the hassle arises within your broadband DNS server provider. Moreover, the geographical location factor is another fall for unreliable DND server connectivity. Let us give you a deep yet up-to-date approach to have easy-peasy connectivity with the Best DNS for PS4 or PS5.

The Significant Steps To Get Into DNS Server Setting in the PS4:

Well, let us give you the simple ways to enter DNS for reliable PS4 connectivity by entering Google’s Public DNS settings that are and These are worth helpful to provide better performance with secure connectivity, adding a free-to-use service.

Here we will also be telling you extensive DNS settings to have better connectivity at your location. Let us scroll below and find the same.

PS4 Setting For LAN (Ethernet) Connection:

If your PS4 connects with your Wi-Fi connection, then we must say you should change it immediately. For quicker and faster connectivity, use an Ethernet cable connection. It will give your device a reliable and sustainable approach to connect PS4 at a lower risk of ping spikes.

If your Ethernet Cable Is Connected:

Step 1: Go to setting and check for the menu down below to select the network.

Step 2: Click on the second option that is Set Up Internet Connection.

Step 3: Choose the Use a LAN Cable option.

Step 4: Don’t click on the Easy default option; just select Custom.

Step 5: Check if you have chosen for Automatic option for router easy set up to assign an IP address already.

Step 6: You can even pick for own IP address with a click on the Manual option.

Step 7: Get on the Do Not Specify option for DHCP Host Name.

Step 8: Always click on the Manual option instead of Automatic for reliable DNS settings.

Step 9: Next, you can select and enter the primary DNS and secondary DNS settings.

Note: If you persist in using Google’s Public DNS Setting, just enter and as preferred on connectivity settings.

Other Options to Select:

  • Click on Automatic for MTU Settings.
  • Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server option.

All set, all ready to go with sustainable internet settings for flawless PS4 connection.

The Significant Steps for PS4 Settings For A Wi-Fi Connection:

Using a Wi-Fi connection for PS4 is then obviously it will give a good performance compared with Ethernet cable network. So if you want Wi-Fi connectivity for the Best DNS for PS4, check for the below-mentioned setting steps.

Step 1: Go to the settings and scroll down the menu below to choose the Network you want.

Step 2: Next is to click on the second option that is Set Up Internet Connection.

Step 3: Pick the option Use Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Select and Click on the Custom option rather than on Easy by default.

Step 5: Get a scan for local Wi-Fi networks available, and select the one you want to access from the network list.

Step 6: Select the Automatic option for automatically assign or connectivity with IP address.

Step 7: You can even set for your own IP address, which can be done Manually, of course.

Step 8: Go and select the option Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

Step 9: Select the Manual not Automatic option for DNS Settings.

Step 10: Enter the Primary DNS or Secondary DNS Settings.

Note: To use Google’s Public DNS Settings, you need to enter and or your preferred network setting option.

Other Options to Select:

  • Select Automatic for MTU Settings.
  • Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server Settings.

Finally, all done and set with your internet settings. Enjoy the seamless Wi-Fi Connection with your PS4.

Is Finding The Best DNS for PS4 A Challenge?

Well, we are detailed three different approaches to help you in finding the reliable and best DNS server for your PS4. Let us determine them below.

Just pick any two from the list mentioned if you want a Public DNS Server. Typically Google is a trustworthy and reputed DNS provider that ensures good speed and reliable performance.

Good is to measure the ping to a range for the Public DNS server for better connectivity and pick the two with the lowest pings. Of course, the one showing you with the closest connection indication.

Read more: General Data Protection Regulation

DNS Benchmark is another level of software to use for highly scalable connectivity. It is precisely used to measure and test a broad range of Public DNS servers within your location with the best network connection efficiency.

It, however not helpful with macOS. If you have macOS, then the program as Namebench is worth workable, as it was specially developed for Macs and in use since 2010. Over the fact it even also not useful with macOS Catalina.

Step-to-Step Guide For Improved PS4 and PS5 Experience:

Online gaming is what we all love, and delay or damaged networks can ruin the mood and gaming experience. Thus minimizing the latency spikes can help you add more fantastic gameplay to enjoy with family and friends. Below are detailing the prime two causes for latency (delay) issues for PS4 and PS5.

  • The bad and improper Wi-Fi setup.
  •  Bufferbloat.

We do suggest users for better connectivity for PS4 or PS5 with Ethernet cable. This can be quite a time-taking task but will give you a reliable internet connection for a highly scalable gaming experience. For this, all you need to invest in thin and flat Ethernet cables, which are, of course, affordable.

Wi-Fi actually delivers 3-7ms (milliseconds) on an average latency of a broadband connection; however, Ethernet ensures 1ms only. What seems lousy is that Wi-Fi networks often fail or cause sporadic latency spikes, which give 50 ms or more latency rates. Therefore the use of Ethernet cable will improve it to a great extent by 3-5 ms making the gaming experience more of potential to enjoy without annoying fuss on latency spikes.

If you want to go with Wi-Fi optimization for PS4 or PS5, getting the nearest Wi-Fi access point to your gaming console is recommended. Bufferbloat is another technical internet persist issue that can ruin your gaming mood. It can cause havoc with online entertainment and games by creating more or at least 200 latency spikes. It is even a prime issue for people using OTT platforms or streaming TV or video services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus Hotstar.



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