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Colourful jewellery is in vogue: Know the best tips

Colour is not precisely a new-age happening but on account of a never-ending pandemic, and several lockdowns, it has had a notable resurgence. Whether you comprehend it or not, the ‘colour therapy’ concept has been making its way into your daily life, influencing what you purchase and how you feel. 

Nothing can pair better compared to a joyful piece of colourful jewellery with your easy dresses. There is something about the summer season that empowers women to sport colourful jewellery that they’d never think about wearing during other seasons. Colourful cord bracelets, punchy resin bangles, and bold turquoise hoop earrings are some of the people’s favourites. 

Colour is basically tied to people’s emotions. A group of researchers tested out this theory and proved that the overall colour choices that people make are fitting with their expressed emotions. This suggests that colour is methodically connected with bodily expressions of negative and positive emotions. They found that people subconsciously resort to bright colours that boost them in ways that soft colours just don’t. And jewellery certainly is the finest medium for living your life in technicolour, particularly during the pandemic times, such as the one the world is in now. 

The rise of cheerful jewels 

The rise of elated jewels dipped in mood-enhancing colours has been an effect of many a change. Vivid and bright jewellery makes more sense at present since it is cheerful and that is precisely what people want in unclear times. Some jewellers continue to create jewellery that provides an impression of escapism from people’s day-to-day strains and stresses. A small hoop earring and a delicate silver necklace no more feel graphic enough. Bright bold hues have turned out to be a clear alternative. 

Couture and colourful jewellery are a good idea for a flawless pairing. Whether it’s for a personal wedding or family celebrations, here are some ideas to help you choose the best partner for this particular season.

A trace of mint

You can offer your ivory or pristine white outfit a splash of colour—sea green, serene blue, and mint are some trending colours. You can wear uncut, turquoise pearl diamonds set in gold earrings or Russian emeralds and polka uncut diamonds fixed in a 22k bracelet. 

Heritage heaven

There’s nothing better when compared to the magic of heritage Indian jewellery and Indian craftsmanship. You can easily create a statement by combining these two for perfect elegance. You can sport rubies, pearls, emeralds, uncut diamonds, and spinel detailing placed in 22K gold earrings. 

Temple gold goddess

You can pair your attire of aubergine, rust and emerald green with temple gold jewellery pieces for a conventional yet cool edge. You can wear gold maang tikka and gold earrings. 

Polki party

You can match heavily embroidered and textured attire with thick Polki neck pieces to show off a deep neck. You can opt for uncut diamonds fixed in a gold necklace, or pearls and uncut diamonds fixed in a 22k gold necklace.  

Glamour girl

Pull out all the stops and pair your stunning diamonds with statement-making attire. Silver and ivory teamed with diamond pieces is a definite head-turner. You can wear diamond chandelier earrings or diamonds placed in a white gold necklace or diamonds fixed on a white gold bracelet. 

Pearls of wisdom

When your attire is an attractive pastel with complex detailing, you need to opt for elements of pearls in the jewellery to help promote your ensemble. You can opt for pearls and diamonds fixed in a white gold necklace or pearls and diamonds fixed in designs of gold studs

Enchanting emeralds

If you wish to achieve an edgy look then you need to make use of the most beautiful and the boldest of all stones; the emerald. Stacked bracelets let the arm candy have their moment. You can wear emeralds and diamonds fixed in white gold bangles. 

Consumers have become more brace, and confident, and they are not afraid to sport very colourful fine jewellery anymore. In any case, self-expression is the key to your happiness and happiness is the key to living a colourful life. 



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